Whether landscaping is new to you or you’ve had some practice at it, there’s nothing like using professionals that provide invaluable landscape maintenance and quality ideas. Three concepts stand out above the rest:

  • Choosing the right plants
  • Planting them in the right places
  • Maintaining everything in the project

Follow through on all three elements, and you will have a beautiful garden to admire year-round. Leave one or two out of the equation, and your landscape will suffer. Let’s concentrate our thoughts today on landscape maintenance for your exquisite collection of flowers, shrubs, and trees. 

Elements of a Well-Cared-for Florida Landscape

Most people have some basic ideas about how to care for plants, but many don’t realize that there is more vital work to do, which can result in costly mistakes. Keeping your gardens and lawn neat and beautiful improves the look of your home. It also eliminates disputes with HOAs, city ordinances, and your neighbors. Here is a list of plants and the requirements to keep them well-maintained:

  • Flowers should be watered according to their needs based on the season of the year and their drought resistance. Fertilize and mulch them and remove the dead flowers when they turn colors or fall off. When annuals fade, pull them up and discard them. Typically, you can trim perennials to the ground and mulch them at the season’s end.
  • Shrubs, Hedges, and Vines add a wonderful touch to your landscape but you must trim them, or they will look ragged. Add a balance of fertilizer and mulch in the spring, and trim and shape them as you desire. These plants have different watering needs than flowers, especially during dry weather. Prune your vines according to their variety and remove any unwanted branches. 
  • Trees provide shade, an ornamental flair, and fruit, but must be pruned or thinned to keep their purpose intact. Trim off the suckers in the spring and keep them in a healthy condition or they may become dangerous or a nuisance. Take off limbs that are dead, diseased, damaged, or growing down or in the wrong direction. Watch for insect infestation that can ruin a tree.

How to Maintain Your Lawn for Optimal Growth and Beauty

Lawns need water, fertilizer, minerals, weed killer, and insect control to look healthy and green. Edge around sidewalks and driveways as well as cut out weeds with a trimmer before each mowing. Mow as often as necessary, not just once a week because the grass grows faster during the spring and rainy season. Nothing looks worse than a lawn that looks like a freshly cut hayfield. Do everything you can to avoid stressing the grass including watering, raking leaves off it, and not allowing weeds to grow in it. 

Before you seed your lawn or put down sod, make sure you select the type of grass that is right for the soil and amount of daily sun it will receive. A mismatch here will not produce the effect you want in your Florida lawn. Tip: Do not cut your grass too short because the blades need to hold some water. Blades that are too short dry out and can’t maintain their posture.  

Excess watering can promote mushrooms, turf disease, and insect infestation. We know how to set your irrigation timer to meet the grass and plant’s needs and conform to local water guidelines. A beautiful landscape of combined flowers, shrubs, vines, and trees creates a unique border around a lawn. 

Why You Should Let the Pros Maintain Your Property

Let’s face it; you may save some money on landscaping your own large property, but not time and labor. You may even show a net loss if you pay too much for plants, lose some of them during the year and must replace some, or buy the wrong type of plants. It is always best to hire a professional landscaper.  As a company that has twenty years of experience, we know what to do for your landscaping project during every phase of construction, installation, and maintenance. 

Additionally, our team has access to resources not known or available to the public. We can purchase the highest quality plants that have the best chance of enduring the hot Florida climate. We can also detect subtle differences in plant health that most people can’t see and purchase the best ones. As owners of the company with 48 years of combined experience, we treat your landscaping project like it is for our own home. 

We Are Highly Qualified to Do the Job

We are qualified to construct, install, and maintain your landscaping projects because we:

  • Are extensively trained in all phases of landscaping
  • Have hundreds of happy customers that refer us to their friends and family
  • Are licensed and insured to provide you with peace of mind
  • Show close attention to detail, and are dedicated to your project’s success
  • Our owners work with our crews daily to accomplish your goals.