The old adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” is certainly true when it comes to your irrigation system. The best way to prevent future problems with all its components is to install everything correctly from the start. The best way to get the system installed effectively is to hire the most reliable and experienced company in Florida, Elite Landscaping.   

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              How to Water Your Lawn                                How Not to Water Your Lawn

A general irrigation system maintenance introduction will tell you that correctly installing and maintaining your watering components will reduce or eliminate issues with:

  • Water lines and leaks
  • Sprinkler heads
  • Drainage Issues
  • Water Features
  • Controller Pads
  • Wasting Water and Money

Let’s start by taking a look at water lines, leaks, and low water pressure issues.

Water Lines, Leaks, and Low Pressure

Professional irrigation system installers consciously place water lines so as not to overload any sprinkler heads. When a sprinkler head has too many lines relying on it you may experience low pressure that won’t allow the sprinklers to reach far enough for adequate coverage. Additionally, all lines must be connected properly at all junctions, or you may experience future leaks that require digging up some of your lawn.

You must also make sure to turn the water supply on all the way at the meter or its source. When it’s not fully on, you may experience low pressure at the farthest point of watering. When our team adds additional sprinklers, we test the entire system for correct pressure. 

Maintaining Sprinkler Heads

Maintaining Sprinkler HeadsIf any of your sprinkler heads are not working correctly, the first thing to do is remove them one by one, clean each, reinstall and reset them. Turn on the system to see if they now work and adjust each head enough to get it back in working order. If this does not work, it’s time to replace them with new ones. TIP: Buy the best quality rotating heads and pop-ups you can afford, and you will never be sorry. 

Sprinklers must be monitored several times each watering season to ensure they are functioning the way you want them to. Over time, the rotors can wear and fail to turn the head all the way.

Drainage Issues Caused By Water Collecting In Puddles

Initial installation of your watering system should allow adequate drainage of water to prevent attracting unwanted insects and animals. However, when you alter any of your landscape, you must make sure that you don’t create small pools of water that remain for several days. Some homeowners and HOAs neglect their flower beds or hedges and don’t realize drainage spots are developing. 

Drainage can be a critical issue if the water table is high under your property and you water too much too often. Our specialists will make sure your plants get adequate water and ensure that standing water is not an issue. 

Water Features Create a Superb Landscape

Creative water features add ambiance and value to your landscaping projects in the form of:

  • Water fountains and birdbaths
  • Waterfalls and bubbling boulders
  • Streams and ponds

When all of them are installed and maintained correctly all goes well. The typical problems arise when you neglect one or more of them. It is essential to monitor all motors, pumps, lines, and connections for proper functioning. By doing so, you can eliminate leaks and burnt out motors.

Invest in The Latest Controller Pad Technology for Best Results 

You will never regret buying the highest quality controller pad technology your budget will allow.  Let us instruct you on its proper use so you will be completely familiar with how it works. This way, you can vary the days, times, and frequency of watering your landscape like an expert.            

Becoming familiar with all the components of your watering system will allow you to troubleshoot it to locate any issues, which will assist us when you call for irrigation repair services or parts. 

How to Prevent Loss of Water and Money

Elite Irrigation Services in FloridaKeeping your watering system in top condition reduces water loss and your utility bill. Most cities tie the sewer bill to the amount of water your household or business uses. When you prevent leaks, you lower your costs, as well as help the environment. 

Water conservation is an important issue as the population grows and new businesses spring up across Florida. All this activity puts stress on the water sources and systems, and conserving water helps everyone. The best thing you can do to decrease your impact on this problem is to never procrastinate repairing any part of your irrigations system and call us as soon as you notice a problem. 

Elite Irrigation Services in Florida

We hope these sprinkler maintenance tips have given you something to think about. Remember, don’t hesitate to go online or call us at (561) 202-9919 when you detect a problem or suspect you need irrigation services.  We have the expertise to install new systems and troubleshoot existing ones to quickly find the issues you are facing, so your plants and budget don’t have to suffer.