Landscape installation for a large residential property or any commercial property needs a well-conceived plan for long-term success. The design should include these essential plan elements:

  • Installation of flowers, shrubs, trees, ground covers, grass, and an irrigation system
  • Putting lighting, edging, timbers, pathways, or water features in place
  • Creating a long-term, detailed landscape maintenance agenda

There are many reasons why you need to hire a landscaper, including to save money, time, and effort. In the long-run, you will get high-quality plants, outstanding service, and a solid warranty.

#1 Be Happier with Your Home or Commercial Property While Increasing Its Value

Be Happier with Your Home or Commercial Property While Increasing Its ValueA beautifully landscaped yard is your own Garden of Eden you can enjoy every day, and it also provides a nice return on your investment.

In a well-planned yard, you can observe the beauty of nature, entertain guests, let the kids play or use it to attract customers if it’s a commercial property. However, it’s virtually impossible to create this mini-paradise with your own ideas and work.

A professional landscaping company will make your property look like a million dollars. At one time, the Washington Post recommended investing 5 to 10% of your home’s value into quality landscaping and watching its value grow. When it’s time to sell, you will be amazed at your home’s new market value, and glad you chose to hire a professional landscaper to accomplish this goal.

#2 Generate More Ideas While Creating the Conceptual Framework

The old adage, “Two heads are better than one,” is certainly true when it comes to landscaping. Our team has more than 35 years of combined experience in design, lot preparation, installation, and maintenance.

We have an extensive list and examples of plants, lighting, edging, timbers, pathways, grass types, and water features to enhance your property.

We understand what works well in your area and what does not work when it comes to the types of plants and caring for them. The average homeowner rarely knows how to design a plan for optimal plant health and beauty, and that’s why you need our help for quality landscape installation.

#3 You Need Assistance with Construction Planning and Property Preparation

Beginning a landscaping project is not as simple as it appears. You must remove dead trees, large rocks, damaged walkways, outdated patios, or other older assets.  Additionally, the ground must be leveled or graded for proper water drainage. We have specialized equipment to prep your lot before beginning the landscape installation of new elements.

#4 Lower Your Utility Bills While Enjoying Conserving Water

Lower Your Utility Bills While Enjoying Conserving Water

Many homeowners neglect their irrigation system, which results in wasting water and higher water and electric bills. Our services include follow up checks and maintenance of all parts of your landscape installation layout. We also adjust or replace sprinkler heads as needed to conserve water and for proper watering of plants.

Too much water in the wrong places can wash away fertilizer and mulch or cause pools of water that attract mosquitoes. Let us take this work off your shoulders with regular checks on your irrigation system.

#5 The Pros Work with the Weather, So You Don’t Need To

Did you know your landscape needs adjustments as the weather changes? We adjust the irrigation levels as needed in both the wet and dry season. Our services include pruning, thinning, and replacing plants as the seasons change. We also make corrections if there is a drought or an extended rainy season.

Additionally, fertilizer and mulch needs change with the seasons, and we stay on top of this for you. The right plants and soil additives make such a difference in plant health and extended life.  We also discuss using both annuals and perennials in your flower gardens to provide beautiful plants every month you desire them. These moves will make your landscape design more efficient and keep your plants healthy and thriving.

#6 Enjoy a Lower-Maintenance Life

Most homeowners live very busy lives, and reducing time spent on lawn or plant maintenance gives them a break to engage in other needed activities. Instead of spending hours figuring out how to care for your landscape and correcting any mistakes you make along the way, let us do the majority of your landscape maintenance work for you and provide a list of minimal things you need to do during the year.

Who Can Do the Work You Need with Flair and a Warranty?

At Elite Landscape Concepts, we create jaw-dropping designs, carry them out, and maintain your property like it is our own.

At Elite Landscape Concepts, we create jaw-dropping designs, carry them out, and maintain your property like it is our own. Our owners work side-by-side with our crew of technicians every day. We can even provide a landscape architect as necessary. All our services are carried out to perfection and with a flair that you won’t find with other contractors. As a bonus, we give you a warranty on all elements of our projects to provide you with peace of mind and a cost-effective landscape. Contact us today to get started on your landscape installation project.