Enjoy Professional Landscape Installation Services in Boynton Beach

Are you ready for a new landscaping project, but don’t know how to go about it? Perhaps you need an upgrade for your current residential or commercial property in Boynton Beach? In either case, we have the tools and experience to design and install your project and make your property look magnificent. Planning, installing, and maintaining your landscaping are each vital elements to having a little Garden of Eden on your own soil.

Superb Landscaping Takes Skill and Precision

A large or expensive landscaping job is best left to professionals who will save you money and time in the long run. Amateurs lack the know-how to choose the right plants, put them in the ground, and take care of them long-term. Consider the services we provide for all of Florida:Superb Landscaping Takes Skill and Precision

  • Design the perfect layout plan for your property with your ideas and input
  • Prepare the ground with leveling, grading, draining, and topsoil
  • Complete landscape installation with the right plants for your soil type, amount of shade, and personal preferences
  • Match the new flowers, hedges, and trees with the existing foliage
  • Add an irrigation plan with the most efficient rotating or popup sprinkler heads
  • Provide tips for maintaining the landscaping over the long-haul, or you can hire us to do it

Let’s think like a landscaping company for a moment. The pros know that landscape construction, including putting the right plant in the right place is critical to a beautiful yard’s long-term health. They also know how to create ideal growing conditions by taking into account the pre-existing vegetation and how surrounding plants will be affected.

When done correctly, the new plants will have a strong root system, that will allow them to resist attack from diseases, insects, and other pests. This is why using certified landscape professionals is necessary for new plants to develop quickly and stay healthy.

Our knowledgeable team will aid you in selecting plants that are beautiful, hardy, and easily maintained throughout their lives. We have the tools, resources, and expertise to do a superior job at fair prices. Additionally, removing infected or damaged plants is complimentary once you hire us. Don’t settle for cut-rate services that will not produce your desired effects in the long-run.

Some Tips on Seasonal Landscaping

Our South Florida climate is beautiful, and you can grow something every season of the year. Looking out the window and seeing a fantastic array of flowers and shrubs can be as inviting as the inside of your home. One key to this success is adding seasonal plants as well as perennials.

Placement of Plants

Placement of Plants

Placement of trees, flowers, shrubs, and hedges is vital to your plan. For example, you should place larger trees farther away from your house. Also, put larger plants behind shorter or small ones, so they don’t block out the sunlight. Here are some other tips that come in handy:

  • Locate your vegetable garden where it can get six or more hours of daylight. It also needs to be near a source of water, as you must water vegetables consistently. Inconsistency is apparent when tomatoes crack open.
  • Plant your flowers and ornamentals where you can view them the most and allow enough hours of sunlight for them to thrive.
  • Drought resistant plants do better when kept out of all-day sunlight, and they will survive during the drier months.
  • Use as many native plants as possible and scatter them around your home. 

Seasonal Planting and Care

In order to take advantage of Florida’s year-round growing season, you should choose plants that you can enjoy every season of the year.

Florida’s fall transitions from rainy weather to dryer months, and this is a good time to use more delicate varieties of plants. Tip: Don’t prune your plants until winter or early spring unless some of them are dead, damaged, or diseased. Fall is a good time to add some annuals that thrive in cooler months so that you can enjoy new color through the new year.

If you like home-grown vegetables and herbs, remember that you can plant some varieties in the fall for an extended season. Pull up summer veggies and plants that you have already harvested, things like lettuce, collard greens, broccoli, and kale. Be sure to pull up the entire old plant, including the roots to reduce fungus and disease in the new plants. Remember to fertilize your lawn in the fall, especially in October.

Plants that need care in the winter months, specifically pruning in January, include:

  • Peach, plum, and Asian pears
  • Roses and shrubs
  • Non-spring flowering trees

After pruning, it’s a good idea to fertilize and add mulch to the beds to maintain water and retain the fertilizer. Winter is an excellent time to plant cold-weather tolerant varieties.

Seasonal Planting and Care

Spring is a great time to clean out your beds and check your irrigation system for proper functioning. Plant flowers and vegetables that can welcome the hot summer weather. Take note of which ones like more sun and which ones like more shade.

Florida summers usher in hot weather and a lot of rain which means your landscaping will requires more care and patience to keep your plants thriving.

Our team has so many great South Florida landscaping ideas we know you will love! Let us help you select the right plants for any time of year so you can enjoy your landscape all year long, no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.