Have you ever wondered why some properties look great all the time? It’s because someone maintains them regularly by using essential landscape maintenance services year-round, including:

  • Pruning or trimming flowers, shrubs, hedges, trees, and ivy groundcovers
  • Removing plants as necessary and replacing them with the same or new varieties
  • Maintaining adequate mulching, fertilizing, drainage, and watering for plant health
  • Adding or replacing lighting systems, edging, borders, or water features
  • Troubleshooting the complete irrigation system from sprinklers to electronics
  • Practicing safe weed, insect, and pest control
  • Removal of fallen limbs, clippings, debris, and dead plants

Take a look at our five reasons why these regular maintenance elements are essential for your landscaping.

#1 – Practice Landscape Management to Keep Your Property   Beautiful and Thriving

have an adaptable landscape management plan

Simply put, having an adaptable landscape management plan instead of a rigid schedule is far better for your property. Our team anticipates and analyzes future development and change to keep your plants thriving. One of the most significant challenges in South Florida is keeping up with the unpredictable weather, and our expertise allows us to do that.

As an example, we adapt our services to meet these landscape and lawn conditions:

  • Reducing or halting mowing when a summer drought hits
  • Increased watering is essential during this time to keep plants healthy.
  • Weather conditions can increase the insect population, create a situation where some plants need more attention or cause groundcovers to grow too much.

#2 – The Seasons Bring Changes That Require Different Techniques of Essential Nurturing

As you know, South Florida’s subtropical climate has two distinct seasons – wet and dry. The rainy season typically goes from early May to the end of October. This time of the year gets the majority of rainfall with 50 inches being average. It’s also hot and humid, which requires changes in watering and caring for plants.

November to mid-May constitutes the dry season where temperatures and humidity are much lower. Occasionally, cold fronts come through the area that create near-freezing temperatures for short periods. You can expect about 20% of the annual rainfall during the cooler months. Some plants may need occasional protection and increased at times. Because requirements for landscape maintenance vary from month to month, it is important to be familiar with its basic concepts. Check out the University of Florida’s Gardening Calendar for specific information related to your area during any month of the year.

#3 – Irrigation Systems Need Repairs and New Parts as They Age

call us for irrigation and landscaping maintenance workWhen installed correctly, an irrigation system functions well for many years without needing major repairs. We recommend buying the best system you can afford to reduce potential problems. From month to month, sprinkler heads may need cleaning or adjusting for distance, spread, and changeable water pressure.

Over the years, rotating sprinklers show wear and need replacement. Additionally, some homeowners dig on top of water lines for various reasons and cut one or more of them. If this occurs, turn off the system immediately and call us for irrigation and landscaping maintenance work. To avoid accidentally damaging your system and to help us when we come to service it, it is a good idea to keep documentation showing the original layout of water pipes and sprinklers.

#4 – Maintenance is Necessary When You Want to Make Substantial Changes

When making changes to your plant beds, shrubs, trees, sprinkler heads, or water lines, you must keep the whole system in mind, not just part of it. If you change plants yourself, you must put the right plants in the right places, or you will create problems for yourself down the road. Let our landscape maintenance company determine the plants’ year-round needs to keep them thriving and conserve resources.

Tip: Don’t try to alter the watering system yourself because you can reduce the water pressure to some areas of your landscape or cause leaks. Some homeowners install the wrong type of heads, such as using rotating ones instead of pop-ups or a more complementary style. It is always best to leave this work to the experts.

#5 – Homeowners Planning to Sell Their Property in a Few Years, Must Stay On Top of Everything

When you are considering moving, landscaping your home to sell is essential.When you are considering moving, landscaping your home to sell is essential. Regular landscape maintenance and management of your entire property are necessary to attract prospective home buyers. A run down or broken sprinkler system or a less than stellar looking landscape can turn people away.  Many people want turnkey homes and landscapes because they don’t want to spend money or time making significant changes. A fabulous lawn, flower beds, lighting, and other amenities creates a strong impression on those looking for a new place to call home.

Let our friendly and professional team at Elite Landscape Concepts help you design, install, or maintain your landscaping project to reach its fullest potential. Our specialists are anxious to discuss your needs and find solutions for them.