Elite Landscape Concepts is the premier landscaping service in Boynton Beach Florida. We are a full-service company that serves all of South Florida, from Dade County, through Palm Beach County to Martin County. We manage projects of any scale, whether tree trimming, lawn service, landscape lighting, irrigation, or commercial landscape services. We specialize in Landscape Construction Services. If you need large scale Landscaping in Boynton Beach, for an HOA, golf course, park, or sports complex there’s no aspect of landscaping we can’t handle. For the best landscape services in Boynton Beach, call us (561-201-9089) for a free estimate and professional advice.

Perfect Landscaping for Your Property Is Our Specialty

One of the best parts of living in beautiful South Florida is the perfectly manicured properties we all recognize and love. We specialize in creating holistic living spaces through landscaping to maximize resident satisfaction. Elite Landscaping Concepts will meticulously manage common areas, parking lots, and adjoining hedges to maximize curb appeal. Tenants in Boynton Beach that are happy with their living space will increase occupancy, raise your property value, and reduce operating cost. Also, consider allowing us to prepare you for hurricanes and storms before they hit. We will prevent damage on your property so you can avoid Storm Recovery completely.

Are you shopping for landscaping that will display your unique property perfectly? The way to reach this goal is by using the services of seasoned pros who know the climate and types of plants that will thrive. Taking on the job yourself is time-consuming, stressful, and you may not be sure if you’re doing it right. Let us perform your landscaping construction and installation with expertise at affordable prices.

Whether you need our services in Boynton Beach for your own residence, Home Owners Association, or Assisted Living Facility, we are prepared to do the job. We also work with Waterfront Properties, Real Estate Properties, and luxury properties.

Landscape and Hardscape Construction Services

Landscape – Some of our customers are starting their landscape projects from scratch, while others are just remodeling.  We have the experience and knowledge to handle both scenarios to your complete satisfaction. Our company provides these services:

  • Design your landscape plan with your approval
  • Create a maintenance schedule to keep your plants thriving
  • Lay out an irrigation system where needed
  • Choose plants that are correct for your property
  • Create pathways and add decorative touches

When it’s necessary, we also remove trees, shrubs, and flowers, and perform remodels. Two concepts that many people overlook are spacing plants correctly and meeting their individual watering and fertilizing needs. However, this is something that we never forget. For example, we don’t place taller plants in front of shorter ones that deprive them of sunlight. Additionally, we establish a specific watering schedule for similar groups of plants that differ from other types, so the specific needs of each plant are always met.

We know what is possible in each Florida zone so plants will stay healthy and beautiful longer, require less maintenance and replacement, and projects can be completed at affordable prices. It all begins with the correct landscape construction services.

Hardscape – When you require hardscape services in addition to landscaping, we have the equipment, know-how, and skills to do a professional job. Our team can complete all of the following:

  • Remove old trees, rocks, and other obstacles and materials
  • Level and prepare the ground for your project
  • Layout paths, patios, decks, even outdoor kitchens
  • Add fireplaces, water features, and lighting

If you can create a plan in your mind or on paper, we can build it no matter how large or complex. Our hardscape efforts will match your softscape plans to create a beautiful, long-lasting, and complete package. Once we receive your approval to start, you can relax and let us do the work. There’s peace of mind in all our landscaping and hardscaping services.

Landscaping Boynton Beach – Maintenance Is Vital to a Healthy, Beautiful, and Safe Landscape

It would be fantastic if plants maintained themselves, but that’s not the way nature operates. Once we install your projects, we want them to stay beautiful, clean, and safe all year round. We achieve this by applying the industry’s highest standards in all our work. Our services include:

  • Removal, trimming and thinning of plants when needed
  • Irrigation, mulching, and fertilizing done the correct way
  • Path, driveway, lighting, lawn care, and weeding upkeep
  • Regular inspections of your plants to keep them healthy and sanitary
  • Creating an environment to attract birds or repel rodents, reptiles, and insects

Our standards are the highest in the industry, and we never take short cuts in our work.

  • We meet all local and state requirements for landscaping.
  • All our employees wear clean uniforms to show their professionalism.
  • We train all our staff members on equipment use and landscaping services.
  • Our team is friendly, courteous, and respectful of you and your property.
  • We remove all debris, dead grass, and clippings to leave your area clean.
  • We perform lawn mowing and edging when necessary.

We Can Meet Your Irrigation Needs

The right amount of water supplied on a timely schedule will make your plants grow and thrive. Many people don’t realize their plants’ water needs change as they grow and mature. Irregular watering can lead to dead plants, displaced soil and fertilizer, and other issues. Too much water can rot roots, create a breeding ground for mosquitoes, and attract other undesirables. However, proper watering can suppress weed growth and keep plants from freezing. It takes professionals to understand a wide variety of plant needs.

We have the expertise to install irrigation systems expertly and maintain your watering cycles for optimal results. Our team has the experience to perform high-quality installations for homes, HOA boards, businesses, and governments.

Landscaping Boynton Beach – We Are Here to Serve You

Elite Landscaping Concepts is here to serve your landscaping needs from design and installation to maintenance and removal of flowers, shrubs, and trees. Call 561-202-9919 to talk with one of our specialists about all your questions today.