The Importance of Irrigation Services

Plants, like humans, are big fans of water, and as plants grow, your landscape water needs will change. Correctly managing the irrigation of your landscape is crucial to plant health and longevity as water mismanagement can lead to dead plants, displaced soil and fertilizer, potholes, baseboard water damage and worse. Additionally, excess water creates a breeding ground for mosquitos and can attract other unwanted guests into the neighborhood. Proper irrigation keeps plants hydrated and maintains healthy soil even in dry climates or areas with less than average rainfall. It can also help with protecting plants from freezing in cold weather and suppressing weed growth in warmer months.

Elite Landscape Concepts Irrigation Services

Elite Landscape Concepts ensures your irrigation system makes efficient use of water in your yard. Our hands-on management team handles every facet of the irrigation process, from planning through completion. Once we have installed an effective irrigation system, worrying about watering and maintaining your landscape will no longer be on your agenda. We have developed a great relationship with HOA boards and our crew(s) love keeping these communities looking beautiful and, maintaining their irrigation system is part of this special relationship.

Who We Are

Elite Landscape Concepts is a full-service landscape construction and maintenance company based in West Palm Beach, FL. We have worked with small and large scale HOA communities, upscale retail shopping centers, and assisted living maintenance service throughout the state of Florida and the Bahamas. With two highly involved owners and a team of expert’s proficient in landscape construction and installation, we maintain the level of quality and care you expect from the South Florida area. Our commitment to our clients and our drive for perfection draws customers to our company for all of their landscape needs because they know they will get a job well done.

What Our Customers Can Expect

If you’re considering updating your property’s appearance, improving and maintaining your landscape through proper irrigation can and will add value. We know how important your property is to you which is why we offer our expertise in efficiently creating beautiful outdoor spaces at a fair price. We take pride in our work and in the fact that our customers can honestly refer us to friends, family, and neighbors.

Additionally, we make sure our clients have a single point of contact during each job from start to finish, who can provide regular updates and is always willing to listen to feedback. Our policy is, to be honest, and responsive at all times and to complete every job to our customer’s full satisfaction. Our experienced staff and flexible, integrated approach allow us to find unique solutions that work with both environmental and budgetary constraints.

Why Choose Us

Our customers know that we are contractors who not only do a great job throughout Southern Florida, but are there when we say we will be, and provide efficient and cost-effective solutions to all their landscaping needs. That dependability goes a long way in our industry, but we don’t stop there. We stand out among other landscaping companies because we treat our customers like we treat our friends and family. Our customers and the service they need from us is our top priority.

We have two owners that are involved in all aspects of everyday operations, and it is their management and involvement that ensures every landscape is maintained to the high-quality standard set by our company. We work quickly and effectively and always make sure our customers are happy with the service we provide. Choose Elite Landscape Concepts for all of your landscaping needs.

To put the best face forward for your commercial or private property call (561) 201-9089 today! A landscape architect is available upon request.