Do You Need Irrigation Services in Boynton Beach?

One of the questions we often hear in South Florida is, “Should I replace or repair my old irrigation system? Unfortunately, anything with mechanical components eventually develops problems over time.  However, one of our consultants can help you determine whether you need to replace or simply repair your current residential or commercial watering system in Boynton Beach, as well as analyze the cost of both options.

A lot has changed over the years with improved sprinkler heads, longer-lasting water pipes, advanced electronic controls, and smartphone synchronization. Additionally, you may have changed your landscaping since the original system was first installed, or watering regulations in your area may have changed since then. There are several reasons to upgrade your current system so you can keep your plants healthy and avoid wasting money and energy.

The lifespan of an irrigation system depends on three critical factors, which are:

  • The quality of the original equipment
  • The quality of the installer’s craftsmanship
  • How well the system was maintained over the years

Perhaps the most critical of the three is proper long-term maintenance. Many home and business owners take their systems for granted and neglect servicing them as often as they should. An irrigation system that is installed and maintained correctly can last more than ten years, and yes, we do encounter them. Learn to run your sprinklers the right amount of time in each season for effective lawn care and irrigation.

How Do I Know My System Has Problems?

Some people think that since their irrigation equipment still works OK, it doesn’t need any repair, adjustments, or replacing. While it’s typical to replace one or two sprinkler heads approximately five years after initial installation, most of us don’t realize there can be other issues lurking below the surface.  Here are some of the most common ones.How Do I Know My System Has Problems?

  • You have become more ‘Green’ minded and want to conserve water.
  • There are brown spots on your lawn caused by insufficient water.
  • Some plants are wilting or dying, and you must run the system too much to compensate.
  • You may have one or more water leaks that need repair.
  • Your landscape has changed significantly, requiring watering changes.
  • Family finances and budgets have changed, either positively or negatively.
  • Your city or homeowner’s association has changed its watering policies.
  • You notice some parts of the system are worn and don’t function properly.

If Your Landscaping Has Changed Over Time, Your Watering Needs Have Also Changed

Asyour flowers, shrubs, and trees grow, their watering needs change. If you have added more or different plants or removed some over time, you should reassess your irrigation needs and whether or not your current system is meeting them.

You need to make sure each area gets the right coverage, or you will end up with brown spots or dead grass. You may need to add or move heads to accommodate changes in plant arrangement; however, this may not be necessary if we can adjust the current system to reach everything.

If Your Landscaping Has Changed Over Time, Your Watering Needs Have Also ChangedMany people are concerned about efficient watering; they want enough to keep their plants healthy and thriving, but not so much that they are wasting water. New irrigation systems have improved components that reduce H2O consumption and your water bill. Smart technology can coordinate the amount of rain in your area with the irrigation needs of plants to produce the right amount of water. Replacing the non-efficient, worn, or broken parts can save 5% to 20% of your bills. Ask us about weather-wise controllers and other new products that are not only good for your yard and budget but are also good for your city or county water supply.

Our team will analyze your entire system to determine if you should replace parts or the whole thing. You can even change out old pipes for new ones that last much longer. Think carefully about your budget for this project, and we will help you get the most for your dollars spent.

Who Needs Our Irrigation Services?

Homeowners aren’t the only ones that need irrigation services. We have worked with many organizations to upgrade their watering systems in Florida and the Bahamas including:

  • Homeowners
  • Home Owners Associations
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Waterfront Properties
  • Civic and Government Properties
  • Luxury Real Estate Properties
  • Luxury Waterfront Properties
  • All Business and IndustryWho Needs Our Irrigation Services?

We work on custom projects for homeowners, business, and industry. No job is too large or complex for us to handle, and we guarantee all our work.

Elite Landscape Concepts has helped many customers in the Boynton Beach area improve their lawns, flower beds, and vegetable gardens. At the end of the day, each one of our customers is completely satisfied with our work because we communicate with them frequently and pay close attention to their needs and wants. No detail is too small for us to consider, and we take pride in doing a perfect job.

Take a look at some of the projects we have completed or that are underway, and you will see we take our time to create the ideal landscape for each property. Call us today at (561) 202-9919 for a free consultation.