Tree Removal

Southern Florida is known for an intense rainy season, unpredictable hurricanes, and vicious storms. However, there is no need to worry when you have Elite Landscape Concepts on your side. Our experts can come to your property and provide a full assessment of the dangers of individual trees in your yard. Overhanging branches and damaged or diseased trees may require tree removal or cutting. Some new homeowners who are part of an HOA, are shocked to find out that they do not have the final say over how many trees they can add or remove from their property. Again, they are bound by the rules of their HOA. At Elite Landscape Concept, we have contracts with lots of HOAs. We’ll help you answer most of the common questions homeowners ask and help clear up some of the confusion surroundings, what exactly an HOA is.

Who We Are

Elite Landscape Concepts is a full-service landscape construction and maintenance company for Waterfront Properties and Luxury Real Estate based in West Palm Beach, FL. Our team of trained landscape construction and installation experts serves a wide range of clients throughout the state of Florida and the Bahamas. Additionally, we have experience with small and large scale HOA communities, upscale retail shopping centers, and assisted living maintenance service.

Other services we provide include:

What Our Customers Can Expect

Construction ServicesEvery tree on your property is either an asset or a liability. If you’re considering updating your property’s appearance, the removal of dead trees will add value. We can uncover potential issues of dead or damaged trees and offer quick, practical work at fair prices. We understand how important your property is to you and we take pride in being a trustworthy company that you can honestly refer to friends, family, and neighbors. We will save you money and time, while also improving your property and most importantly, protecting your family.

Why Choose Us

Customers we have worked with know our tree removal service is more than just a landscaping company. They know that we are contractors who not only does a great job, but are also reliable, efficient, and cost-effective. They know that when they call Elite Landscape Concepts, we will answer and put them first. That dependability goes a long way in our industry, but we go far beyond that. We stand out among other tree service and landscaping companies because we treat our customers like we treat our own friends and family. They’re number one in our eyes, and the service they need from us is our top priority.

Additionally, our two owners are involved in all aspects of everyday operations to ensure your satisfaction. We work quickly and effectively to make sure our customers are happy with the service we provide. Let us be the team that takes care of all your tree removal needs.

Call Elite Landscape Concept at (561) 201-9089 today! A landscape architect is available upon request!