Whether you’re a novice or a homeowner with some experience, knowing the answers to these vital questions will yield the best landscape maintenance results. Many of us take our lawns and outdoor plants for granted, while some of them slowly deteriorate and lose their beauty. Then we spend excessive amounts of time and money trying to make up for the mistakes we’ve made. These questions and answers can serve as a guide to keeping your landscape gorgeous and thriving.


  • How often should I water my lawn and flowers in South Florida? Follow this weekly general guideline: Spring: 1-2 times, Summer: 2-3 times, Fall: 1-2 times, Winter: 1 time.
  • How much water do my plants need during the wet and dry seasons? Lawns need between ½” and ¾” each day the sprinklers run.
  • How long should I run the sprinklers and at what time of the day? Typically, you should let your sprinklers run about 30 minutes; however, we will adjust your system based on your individual lawn and plant needs. The best time to water is early morning to avoid excessive evaporation and prevent plant disease.
  • Should I have my irrigation system checked each year? It’s best to hire a professional landscaping company to inspect your irrigation system at least once each year to check for proper functioning and make any necessary adjustments.

Plant Selection

  • What plants grow best in Florida? Native plants grow best because they are the hardiest and most adaptable for your garden. The possibilities are extensive when you include non-native plants. Our specialists will go over the complete available list to help you narrow down your selections.Florida landscape maintenance
  • How far apart do I need to space my plants? This depends on the future growth potential of each plant variety. However, you should always plant shorter ones in front of taller ones to ensure they get enough sun. Our spacing charts make this concept easier to understand.
  • What fertilizer and mulch are best? The use of fertilizer depends on the type of grass, flowers, shrubs, and trees on your property. Since this is a complex issue, refer to the University of Florida guidelines on fertilization and nutrition. The university recommends mulch made from Pine, Cypress, Eucalyptus, or Melaleuca bark or trees. Pine needles are another effective way to mulch around trees and shrubs.
  • When should I replace flowers? Annuals need replacing each year while perennials do not. The latter need pruning and thinning and should be replaced after they live out their useful life. Our team or your plant supplier will provide guidelines for each variety.


  • Don’t most plants take care of themselves? Wild plants will take care of themselves, but most domestic ones will not. They need pruning, thinning, fertilizing, mulching, and replacing as necessary. If you don’t take these steps, some will die, and others will take over your flower garden.
  • Do low-maintenance landscaping plants really work? Yes, they do especially during the dry months of the year because they need less watering to thrive and produce seeds. However, remember that sticking to only low-maintenance plants limits your selection of plants compared to using typical Florida species.
  • What do I do about weeds and invasive species? The best advice is not to let them get started in the first place by using a weed killer that is safe for flowers, humans, and pets. Start the process in the early growing season and continue through the summer as needed.
  • Does landscape maintenance affect the value of my home? Any realtor will tell you it certainly does, and without sound maintenance, you will get less for your home when it’s time to sell.

Our staff of specialists will provide the information and services necessary to maintain a productive and beautiful landscape.

Using Specialists

  • Who is best qualified to maintain my landscape? Although homeowners and HOA employees can typically care for simple projects, you should hire professionals to install and maintain larger landscapes. To qualify, their team should have the best training and experience, always have your interests in mind, and be licensed and insured.
  • use our specialists for your lawncare maintenance in south floridaWhat are the essential services professional landscapers provide? Essential services include landscape construction, installation, maintenance, irrigations, and tree removal. An excellent company will help you create the design and layout, and provide a landscape architect if you desire.
  • Can I afford to hire professionals for my property? Our company charges fair prices for all our services and will create a plan based on your budget. We never take shortcuts like a few companies do that charge the same as a complete project.
  • How much can I take care of myself? We will work this out with you on an individual basis geared to your budget, experience, and the size of the project.

We hope this information will help you maintain your landscaping project to its fullest potential. Our specialists here at Elite Landscape Concepts are anxious to discuss your needs and find solutions for them. Call us today at 561-202-9919 for a free consultation.