About Us

Elite Landscape Concepts specializes in Landscape maintenance for South Florida’s premier residential communities. Keeping your landscape safe, clean and attractive is our only priority and we take it very seriously. We provide our professional touch over all aspects of landscape maintenance, landscape installation, and landscape construction services.
Our projects begin with customized, comprehensive care programs that are reflective of aesthetic expectations and suited to site conditions in line with the industry’s Best Management Practices. All of our dedicated managers coordinate all service activity on the property and are accountable for providing regular, formal reports to clients.

Locally owned and operated

Michael Munns

  • Michael’s drive, passion and love for the landscaping industry have made him very successful.
  • Michael received a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Farleigh Dickinson University.
  • Michael has utilized his formal education in Finance to open and operate a successful landscape company. Michael owned and operated his own landscape company for 15 years before co-founding Elite Landscape Concepts, LLC.
  • Michael has 30 years of experience in landscaping installation and maintenance.
  • Michael received The Planet Award for his services at Village Walk of Wellington.

We beat the competition every time because we understand:

Communication is Key – You need to know what is going on.
Most frustration comes from not knowing. We have confronted this issue head-on with our systems that put communication first. Clients have a single point of contract regardless of the stage of their job. There are regular updates provided and we always welcome lots of feedback. It is our policy, to be honest, and responsive at all times and our objective is complete customer satisfaction.

Each landscape is unique – One size does not fit all.
Every property that we services have its own set of needs and issues. Our experienced staff and integrated approach allow us to find unique solutions to fit both environmental and budgetary constraints. It is our focus to be as flexible as possible so that we find the best solution for the company

Proactive set a standard – We fix it before it becomes a problem.
The last thing we want is for our clients to point out something that we have overlooked. We have built our services programs around proactivity and our professionals strive to notice every detail before someone else does. Procedures, checklists, and training all focus on one result- making sure our customer does not have to manage our work.