It would be nice if your beautiful ornamental, shade, and fruit trees never needed any work done on them. Unfortunately, as you know, nature doesn’t act this way, and sometimes we must prune, trim, or remove a tree or two. Typically, this is not a job an average homeowner should tackle because each variety of tree has its own needs.

To retain the optimal beauty and usefulness of each tree, you should hire landscape maintenance professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to do the job. They will improve each tree’s health and ability to thrive, or remove it when necessary. Amateurs sometimes unknowingly damage or kill trees and shrubs by using the wrong tools and techniques.

Timing is of the utmost importance when pruning and trimming trees. Performing these tasks at the wrong time of year can result in:

  • Stress for the tree
  • Creating unwanted new growth
  • Preventing the tree from going into natural dormancy
  • Creating ugly wound marks
  • Limiting the amount of sunlight it needs

Our team of experts understands the situations that must be avoided so you can enjoy normal, healthy trees. Additionally, you should understand that it is important to prune and thin trees and shrubs every year – not just one time.

Why Trimming Trees Is Necessary

Why Trimming Trees Is NecessaryTrimming, also called thinning, and pruning trees are super ways to develop gorgeous and healthy plants. While many people use these terms interchangeably, they are actually two distinct landscaping functions. The equipment used and the time of year they are carried out can also be different.

Landscapers use trimming to create the desired shape of a tree and increase a tree’s beauty. Appropriate and professional trimming allows you to control the shape, size, and appearance of your trees.

Additionally, trimming is good for thinning out excessive branches and leaves. Too many limbs in the wrong places can block sunlight and moisture from reaching all parts of the tree and your landscape. It’s a good idea to thin out the center of trees to allow light, air, and moisture to move through them. This process aids trees in becoming strong, healthy, and mature plants.

When you are experiencing any or all of these symptoms, it’s time to call on the pros for trimming. Our team will never over-trim or thin your tree limbs because this practice can create long-term damage. If you remove too many limbs, they cannot grow back in the right places to shape the tree or shrub the way you want it.

The Difference Between Pruning and Thinning Trees and Shrubs

Pruning trees is a function that is typically more extensive than trimming. Trees and shrubs need pruning when these conditions exist:

  • Dead limbs need removal
  • Some tree limbs are diseased
  • Broken branches are present
  • Limbs are growing in the wrong directions
  • A potential safety hazard is present

Like trimming, pruning lets you control your trees’ shapes and sizes. Any professional landscaping company will tell you, that the general rule of thumb is to stop having your trees pruned in the fall. Healthy limbs should only be pruned in the middle of winter, depending on your location. This is the dormant period of the year when trees are taking their long winter’s nap. The only exception to pruning in another season is when limbs are heavily damaged, diseased, or the wood is dead. Some tree can be pruned in the spring when the growing activities are just beginning.

Other reasons than those listed above to prune a tree are to either provide more privacy or to open up an area to see out of it better. At times, the pros prune young trees to guide the trees’ growth and promote optimum structural development. Talk to our specialists at 561-202-9919 to discuss your trimming and pruning needs.

When It’s Time to Remove One or More Trees, Call on Us

When It’s Time to Remove One or More Trees, Call on UsThere are well-founded reasons for tree removal on your property before a problem occurs. In general, if you have one or two small trees, you can remove them yourself. If you have a number of them, or they are large, it’s better to hire professionals. Look at the general reasons you should consider removing trees, shrubs, and bushes from your property:

  • The tree is dead, dying, or otherwise unhealthy
  • Storms, insects, or other falling trees have damaged it
  • One or more are blocking a desired view
  • Roots, needles, sap, seeds, bark or branches are causing issues
  • It’s time to undertake a new landscaping project
  • The city officials make you do it
  • A leaning tree is posing a potentially dangerous situation to surrounding structures
  • Too many trees in one area are causing all of them to decline
  • A tree is badly misshapen and an eyesore
  • A tree is in the way of a construction project

We understand all the reasons to trim, thin, prune, and remove trees from your property. You can expect the best landscaping maintenance performance from Elite Landscaping Concepts at affordable prices.