If you are new to the world of landscaping, you should know that your yard will let you know where it needs watering. If you see brown or other discolored spots in the grass, this means it’s being deprived of water. Unfortunately, inconsistent watering or a lack of water also carries over into flowers, shrubs, hedges, groundcovers, and trees. You can overcome these and other watering issues by installing and maintaining a complete irrigation system.

Some homeowners try to save money by installing irrigation systems in only part of their yard and flower beds. They tell themselves, “I will water everything else by hand.” However, then they get busy, go out of town, become sick, or work overtime, and don’t water enough or consistently. Plants become withered or unhealthy when this happens. If you have a large home or business property, you can avoid these headaches by hiring professional landscapers.

Most likely, you have a beautiful lawn already, and you want to keep it that way. We can supplement your watering systems by adding more lines, rearranging what you currently have, or setting your rotating sprinklers or popups for optimal coverage. Our irrigation services expertise and experience allow us to bring old-looking lawns and gardens back to life or create new, beautiful ones. One of the key ingredients in hot climates is proper watering.

7 Major Irrigation Systems Issues for Florida Properties

As a Florida resident or property owner, you know that Florida presents some unique challenges to keeping your landscape healthy. For one, there is a wide variety of native and imported plants that have their own individual needs. Then there is the extended warm weather and tropical storms. Let’s explore seven issues that professionals can overcome.

  • Installation of a system that delivers effective water distribution7 Major Irrigation Issues for Florida Properties
  • Learning to adapt your irrigation to the local weather
  • Maintaining your system over time for optimal watering
  • Outdated technology or wiring that is no longer efficient
  • Preventing backflow that can contaminate drinking water
  • Protecting your system from hazards that pop up
  • Following your HOA, city, or county watering rules

If you are like most people, your landscape contains a variety of plants, and their watering needs vary. It’s critical to locate sprinkler heads in the right places, so you don’t over or underwater some areas. Our team of specialists has the expertise to install your system correctly. Since the weather can change abruptly in our state, you will come out ahead by investing in a smart watering system with mobile phone applications. By doing so, your sprinklers won’t run when it’s pouring down rain while you are asleep or away.

Maintaining your systemMaintaining your irrigation system saves wasting water, erratic spot watering, and broken water lines if it freezes. As the property owner, you are responsible for spotting problems and getting them fixed. It may be a worn gear that prevents a rotating head to turn properly or a leaky pipe. Additionally, sprinklers can become clogged and get out of adjustment. Let us maintain your irrigation system by regular inspection and repair, if necessary. You can waste thousands of gallons of water each month with a leak, broken pipe, or malfunctioning sprinkler head. Don’t forget to have your control pad monitored to make sure the system is set and functioning correctly. Don’t stick with broken or outdated technology or you may be sorry.

Installing backflow prevention is an intelligent idea, and may be required by law in your area. This technology must be installed correctly and regularly inspected to make sure it functions properly. A faulty device can contaminate your drinking water and cause health issues.

A couple of other common issues include careless lawn mowing and armadillos and other pests that like to dig. Setting the mower blade too low or mowing too fast can cut off the top of a sprinkler head. Practice animal control or you may end up with damaged plants and soil, or irrigation parts. One last thought: It is always best to follow the HOA, city, or county watering rules, or you may be cited, fined, or the subject of your neighbor’s complaints.

Learning How to Conserve Water With an Irrigation System is Important

Learning How to Conserve Water is Important It’s wise to conserve water as much as possible so you won’t over-water plants and run up a high water bill. My Florida Home Energy reveals “the typical Florida homeowner uses up to 50% of a home’s water consumption for irrigation, and often over-irrigation.” You spend anywhere from $5 to $25 every time you water with an underground system, depending on the size of your property. If you use public water, you are charged for water usage and the associated sewer usage.

Water conservation is a major concern for the state of Florida. The housing and business markets are growing, and so is the demand for water. As demand goes up, the available water supply goes down because it is limited. Sure, it rains a lot, but the soil doesn’t hold it well. Call and talk to one of our consultants at 561-201-9089 about your irrigation system and water conservation needs.