The general rule of thumb in Florida is to plant native flowers, shrubs, and trees to get the best long-term results. However, some home and business owners want to add more variety of plants and colors to enhance their landscape installations. This is a workable idea as long as the plants are not invasive ones. Let’s explore some ideas that many people have used for successful gardening.

What Are Native Plants?

Native plants are defined as those that were alive when Europeans first came to Florida. The Florida Native Plant Society provides this further definition. “A Florida native plant refers to a species occurring within the state boundaries prior to European contact, according to the best available scientific and historical documentation. Florida native plants include those species understood as indigenous, occurring in natural associations in habitats that existed prior to significant human impacts and alterations of the landscape.”Florida native plants include those species understood as indigenous, occurring in natural associations in habitats that existed prior to significant human impacts and alterations of the landscape.”

Some of the most common native plants include:

  • Beautyberry
  • Coontie
  • Muhly Grass
  • Southern Magnolia

The University of Florida provides a complete list of native plants from Bald Cypress to Yucca on its Gardening Solutions website. Use their list of plants, and you should get outstanding results.

Non-Native Invasive Plants to Avoid

Plants to avoid in your landscape are those that are invasive that try to take over some or all of your other desirable plants. These non-native plants, also known as alien or exotic, come from areas outside the state of Florida. Whether they arrive accidentally or on purpose, they can present some formidable problems. The University of Florida discovered there are at least 1,400 non-native plants in the state. The Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council’s study reveals that about 11% of exotic plants are causing problems, and about 6% of them are invasive.

It’s wise to discuss your plant selections with our landscape specialists, and also consult this 2019 list of undesirable flowers, shrubs, and trees. Choosing the right plants, putting them in the right places, and properly caring for them will produce the results you seek. As mentioned earlier, using non-native plants is workable as long as they do not cause problems and are not invasive species.

Landscaping Services That Are Vital for Your Property

Every successful landscaping plan must contain the essential services that we provide, including:

We can save you money, time, and effort in creating a beautiful and long-lasting landscape with our knowledge, expertise, and skills. Whether you are planning a residential or commercial project, we do it all in Florida and the Bahamas.

Landscape Construction for Non-Native Plants

Landscaping Services That Are Vital for Your Property

We design and overhaul your hard landscape when necessary by removing old assets and trees, grading the land, and preparing the ground. Our team provides these construction services:

  • Install new paths
  • Construct a patio
  • Build a deck
  • Install an outdoor kitchen
  • Layout a fireplace
  • Install lighting systems
  • Build water features

We have the training, tools, equipment, and customer understanding to create a fantastic landscape on your property. Our team pays close attention to detail and takes your ideas into account to make your dream gardens, lawn, and property plan turn into reality. 

Landscape Installation for Non-Native Species

As owners of our company, we know the species of non-native plants that will complement, not harm, your display of flowers, shrubs, and trees. Our spot-on installation services include:

  • Selection and proper placement of plants
  • Fertilizing and mulching each area for its needs
  • Laying down sod or sowing grass
  • Adding groundcovers or ivies
  • Creating ideal growing conditions
  • Building in resistance to insects and diseases

We want your plants to be beautiful and thrive over the long-term, and we do everything necessary to make this happen.

Maintenance for Non-Native plants

Establishing your landscape and installing the plants is the most significant part of a project. However, month-to-month work comes into play with proper maintenance of the flowers, shrubs, and trees. To accomplish this end, we establish a schedule for:

  • Pruning and thinning
  • Removing damaged plants
  • Adding additional mulch where needed
  • Regular fertilizing
  • Replacing old plants with new ones
  • Adjusting the sprinkler system

Regular attention and applying these simple ideas will keep your property looking brand-new.

Irrigation/Watering Systems

Irrigation/Watering Systems Florida’s hot climate and unpredictable weather require an effective irrigation/watering system for your lawn and plants to grow and thrive. We are the pros for laying out sprinklers to coordinate with plants’ growing seasons and any water features you desire. Our team will adjust the system to water your property and control water waste adequately.

You will reap the rewards of our efforts in constructing your landscape, installing the plants, and maintaining it all.  Complete our online “Send Us a Message” box or call us today at 561-202-9919 for a free consultation.