Many homeowners create their own landscaping projects and enlarge them over time, only to find out at some point that their landscaping now requires too much work to maintain. The same thing applies when they hire professionals to install their trees, flowers, shrubs, groundcovers, and watering system. When someone else puts in the plants, mulch, and fertilizer, it’s easy to underestimate the total amount of effort needed to keep the project healthy, beautiful, and thriving.

You can overcome both of these scenarios by hiring an experienced company to keep your property in superb condition year round. Here are the landscaping maintenance services that are time-tested in Florida:

  • Create an overall design and installation plan you can afford
  • Select the plants that will grow and thrive in your climate
  • Secure landscape construction services
  • Space the plants for optimum growth and watering
  • Fertilize, mulch, and trim the plants on schedule
  • Install an adequate irrigation and watering system
  • Mow the grass and remove the clippings

The list above covers the fundamental services most people want for their properties. However, that’s not all that’s available. We have multiple options that go above and beyond general landscaping that can add a special touch and enhance your yard. Consider:

  • Attractive edging, lighting, and landscape timbers
  • Removal of trees that are dead, damaged, or diseased
  • Repair and replacement of watering system parts
  • Changing seasonal flowers and lawn decorations
  • Driveway and path maintenance
  • Pruning and thinning trees and plants
  • Attracting or repelling insects and birds as desired

As you can see from these two lists, maintaining your Garden of Eden is a lot of work, and you may not have the time, ability, or desire to do it. Another reason to let us care for your property is that you won’t need to store all the tools, equipment, and other necessary materials.

5 Reasons to Hire the Pros You Many Not Have Thought About

Professional landscapers have the knowledge, skills, equipment, and supplies to do a perfect job on your property, whether it is residential or commercial. We offer these five additional benefits:5 Reasons to Hire the Pros You Many Not Have Thought About

  • Our team of experts knows the precise time of year to plant and maintain plants.
  • We understand that each variety of plants has its own special needs.
  • Our team can recognize when plants are contracting a disease, or there are rodent issues.
  • We know the best types and brands of water sprinklers your property needs.
  • Our experts know how to test your soil for the exact PH level, and make corrections.

When you hire us, you get specially trained experts to create and maintain an ideal landscape. We never take any shortcuts and do the work like it is our own property. We treat all our customers and their yards with respect on every project. Our prices are affordable and competitive for the area, and our work comes with a warranty.

Elite Landscape Concepts provides full-service landscape construction, installation, and maintenance for residential properties, HOAs, shopping centers, and assisted living centers. We cover the entire state of Florida and the Bahamas. Our owners have a passion for landscaping and are proficient in installing and caring for them. We are committed to our clients and their success in reaching their landscaping goals and strive for perfection and excellent service in all our work, to ensure you will never be sorry you hired us.

We Also Upgrade Properties

So far, we’ve discussed maintaining an existing landscape project or installing and maintaining a new one. Another service that may meet your needs is upgrading your existing “Garden of Eden.” Here’s why upgrading a property from time to time is important:We Also Upgrade Properties

  • You may have open holes or areas that are distracting and need correcting.
  • Plants die, become damaged, or get diseases, and need prompt attention.
  • Some plants go out of style, and you need new trendy ones.
  • Your mulch may be deteriorated, the wrong color, shape, or size.
  • Sprinklers become worn and need replacing to cover designated areas.
  • Unwanted rodents, animals, or insects may be invading your yard.

Many of our customers have other reasons for upgrading their properties, such as adding water fountains, benches, bird baths, waterfalls, or decorative rocks. Let us know your needs, and we will do our best to fill them. We can also add walkways, edging, timbers, and lighting systems through your landscaping project as desired.

A Few More Ideas to Consider

In addition to our expertise, you may want to consult with one of our landscape architects. Some of our customers go for low maintenance and drought resistant landscapes, while others wish for only small plants in their project. Don’t forget we can add vines and hedges as a finishing touch. Give us a call at 561-201-9089 for all your landscaping needs.