Each landscape project in South Florida is different, and one size does not fit all. We recommend using native plants whenever possible to get the most out of your landscaping with other varieties interspersed only after careful planning and consultation with our team of experts. However, installing your perfect landscape is only half the job – the other half is maintaining it.

Our team specializes in landscape maintenance.  Maintaining an attractive, clean, and safe landscape is our top priority and should also be yours.

Your South Florida plants and connected areas need some or all these services:Maintaining Tropical Landscapes in South Florida

  • Fertilizing, Weeding, and Watering
  • Lawn Care and Topiary Care
  • Driveway and Path Maintenance
  • Trimming, Pruning, and Plant Removal
  • Mulching to hold moisture and restrict weed growth
  • Lighting to display specified areas

With proper care, your plants can either protect your space from rodents, reptiles, and insects or attract beautiful birds. Regular inspections by yourself and professionals are essential to know when and where to care for your trees, shrubs, flowers, vines, groundcovers, and grasses. When neglected, plants die, discolor, grow out of proportion, or get too thick.

Attractive displays of your plants depend on keeping your landscaping clean. Removing plantings, clippings, and other debris regularly is a must for all properties. Additionally, keeping the area sanitary adds to the plants’ health and we all know, plants and flowers have the power to make people happy., and adding appropriate lighting can make the best aspects of your yard stand out at night, especially with your tropical landscapes.

South Florida’s Two Growth Areas: Why There Are Differences

Using a plant guide is the best way to know the winter temperature ranges you can expect in your area and what plants will thrive there. Each type of plant has its own maintenance requirements, you must keep in mind, and knowing your low temps is essential. See below for a list of the zones located in Florida:

  • Zone 10B – lows 35-40 degrees F
  • Zone 10A – lows 30-35 degrees F
  • Zone 9B – lows 25-30 degrees F
  • Zone 9A – lows 20-25 degrees F

Geography, topography, and weather conditions establish each zone. Keep in mind the low-temperature ranges can vary a little from year to year depending on the local weather conditions. If you live on a borderline, it’s best to consult a local plant nursery or agricultural agent you can trust for advice.

Lower temperatures can damage plants in pots or hanging baskets more than ones planted in the ground. This applies to nursery stock plants, as well as those at your home or business location. Cold is one of a plant’s worst enemies, and you must be aware of this vital element to get optimal results from your landscaping installation and maintenance projects.

Other area differences that affect maintenance include the type of soil, the soils’ PH, coastal or inland, amount of rainfall, and wind speed. Most home and business owners have only a limited knowledge of these factors, and that’s why you need our team of experts to maintain your landscaping. We have the knowledge and skills to deal with all types of plants in any area of Florida and your tropical landscapes.

Practices for Maintaining Your Turf

Practices for Maintaining Your TurfOpen ground in plant beds should be treated manually or by chemical means to control weeds and pests as environmental, horticultural, and weather conditions apply.

Additionally, grass needs to be mowed regularly and evenly to distribute clippings. We use the type and seasonal growth rate of your grass to determine adequate mowing needs to maintain a consistent appearance. While we always blow all excess lawn clippings from roads and walkways after each lawn mowing, leaving some clippings behind in the grass itself helps with your lawns nutrition. We also perform edging in all areas that need it with each cutting to prevent grass from growing into beds, borders, and hard surfaces.

Don’t forget that irrigation systems should be adjusted and repaired as necessary. A broken system means some areas may be underwatered while others are over watered. We complete regular inspections for the amount, direction, and distance of watering, and perform a visual check for line breaks and hot spots and repair them immediately. Our team will inspect all working parts on schedule and replace them when needed. You can count on us to keep your plants healthy and in peak condition with your tropical landscapes.

Why Choose Us to Maintain Your Property?

We believe that communication between the property owner and the landscape artists is the key to achieving the best results year-round. We listen intently to and specialize in working with:

  • Homeowners
  • HOAs and Shopping Centers
  • Luxury Water Front Property
  • Assisted Living Facilities

Our team is reliable, effective, affordable, and respectful of your plants, property, and wishes. We never take shortcuts and treat our customers like family and friends. Your satisfaction with your tropical landscapes is our priority at all times. The two owners of our company are involved in the operations of our business every day we are open. Go online or call us at 561-202-9919 any time you have questions or need our services.