Do you want a beautiful landscape without major year-round maintenance? While this may sound too good to be true, it’s possible with the right type of plants and watering system. With the right landscaping job, you can save a lot of time and money, and still be the envy of your neighborhood.

Working outdoors in South Florida can be uncomfortable with the year-round heat and humidity. Installing a low maintenance landscaping project requires less work to keep flowers, shrubs, trees, and groundcovers healthy and thriving. Since most homeowners are very busy each week, your property should be a labor of love and not a drudgery. Here are a few simple ideas to keep the work to a minimum:

  • Use the right plants that are not fussy
  • Buy slow growing plants that need less trimming
  • Install plants that require minimal watering
  • Install the best watering system you can afford
  • Match plants to the amount of sun they need
  • Use native species when possible

Smart Planning Is the Key to Low Maintenance Landscaping

Professional landscapers are the best source for smart ideas for your property. After completing many projects, our team has learned that you should always consider:Smart Planning Is the Key to Low Maintenance Landscaping

  • The maximum size and growth rate of each plant
  • Each plants light preference – morning and afternoon
  • The salt tolerance of each plant
  • Having a plan to water adequately during the establishment period
  • Using a plant spray for diseases and pests
  • Thoroughly testing the soil for PH
  • Not using invasive or restricted plants

The University of Florida’s IFAS Extension service recommends considering all the common categories of plants for South Florida and then narrowing them down. They are:

  • Perennials and annuals
  • Shrubs, hedges, and epiphytes
  • Flowering and shade trees
  • Fruit trees, palms, and cycads
  • Ornamental grasses and groundcovers
  • Vines, herbs, and vegetables

Refer to the university’s site for a definition of each category of plants and consult with your landscaping company for timely advice.

These Plants Will Do the Job

Being selective when buying plants pays off in the long run because South Florida’s climate is unique. These flowers require less work for trimming, pruning, fertilizing, and watering:

  • Cape Daisy
  • Dwarf Morning Glory
  • Dwarf Yaupon Holly
  • Florida Lanatan
  • Lily of the Nile
  • Nemesia
  • Podocarpus
  • Sweet William Pinks
  • Tickseed
  • Yellow Bells

It’s worth noting how drought affects Florida’s plants during the non-rainy season. Lack of sufficient watering can lead to drought stress and reduced plant growth. While Florida gets about 50 inches of rainfall each year, that’s not enough to offset the drier months. Plants can turn pale and brown and wither away during this time. Without adequate water, the plants will eventually die and need replacing.

Working knowledge of drought-tolerant plants will help with your low maintenance plans. However, you should remember that new plantings require adequate watering from a few months to a year. Choose from this list of plants that meet your project’s requirements of beauty and low maintenance.

  • Beauty Berry
  • Blanket Flower
  • Bluestem Palmetto
  • Buttonwood
  • Firebush
  • Longleaf Pine
  • Palmetto
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Seagrapes
  • Spiderwort

By using low-maintenance and drought-tolerant plants, you won’t waste water and run up expensive water bills. Your plants won’t need to suffer through the drier months, and you can still experience beautiful flowers, shrubs, trees, and palms. Our team has the expertise and experience to advise, install, and maintain your property year-round.

A Watering Plan to Match Is Essential

As low-maintenance and drought-tolerate plants grow, their water needs change. In this type of environment, it is essential to install water lines and sprinkler heads that work effectively as the days and hours to water may be different from other types of vegetation. This major step of the process keeps your plants growing longer and looking great.

Mismanaged watering systems can cause one or more of the following problems:A Watering Plan to Match Is Essential

  • Unsightly or dead plants
  • Displaced fertilizer or soil
  • Potholes that attract pests
  • Damage to wood structures
  • Breeding grounds for mosquitoes

Your watering system must keep plants hydrated so they don’t lose more water than their roots can absorb from the ground. Our consultants know how to adjust the amount and timing of watering to keep plants healthy and save you money! They also know how to protect your plants from getting too cold and how to suppress weed growth, so you have one less thing to worry about.

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