Consistent watering of plants in South Florida with the correct amount and at the right time produces a healthy and thriving landscape. But how can you know how often to water your flower garden? Watering issues show themselves when the top half-inch of soil is dry or when your flowers start to drop over. Preventing water stress is critical to gardening success.

Much of Florida’s soils don’t retain water well because they drain quickly. However, adding appropriate mulch around plants can help with this issue. Correct watering also reaps these benefits year-round:

  • Retains the right balance of soil moisture
  • Keeps fertilizer and mulch in balance
  • Maintains plants, which saves you time and effort
  • Plants have time to dry before the next watering
  • Eliminates soggy roots that can rot

These same principles apply to a vegetable garden in South Florida. Follow them and get the most productive and best-tasting goodies from your land. Our team of irrigation specialists understands how to coordinate these ideas with your specific varieties of plants, grass, and trees.

Great Ideas to Incorporate into Your Watering Plan

Great Ideas to Incorporate into Your Watering PlanTo keep from disturbing your plants and their roots, you should install an irrigation system before planting. If the project is new construction, have the lot cleaned off and leveled if necessary before laying down the water lines and sprinklers. If you have established plants in the ground, hire professionals who know how to work around and with them.

You also need to consider the source of your water and whether its quality is right for your landscape. Two enemies of your system are salt and dirty water filters. Salt can affect your plants directly and change their color. A dirty filter can restrict the flow of water to the sprinklers, making regular cleaning essential. We install sprinklers that do not clog up easily and are typically carefree, and adjust them for output, including the amount of water, reach, and direction with our maintenance program. Additionally, our services include testing your water for any contaminants and the pH of your soil.

We consult with you about the type of sprinklers to install in each section of your lawn for maximum performance. Gear-driven sprinklers pop up and rotate to cover the area desired. We can also install pop-ups that water in a fixed pattern, and we always make sure to position and adjust your sprinkler heads correctly for optimal coverage. We never allow a strong jet-like flow to damage your plants.

When Should My Plants Be Watered?

You can make every drop count when watering flowers, shrubs, hedges, and groundcovers by watering before daylight so they can dry off early in the morning before the hot sun hits them. New plants may need more frequent watering than established plants. Correct watering means the soil and roots are adequately hydrated. Tip: Never let your watering system run indefinitely for these reasons:

  • You will encourage plant disease, especially in shaded areas.
  • You will waste water and run up your bill.
  • You will displace fertilizer and mulch.
  • You can create muddy areas in your landscape.
  • Stepping on oversaturated grass can damage it.
  • Too much water may build up around your home’s foundation and cause leaks.When Should My Plants Be Watered?

The type of soil and organic additives determine the depth of water required. The soil composition also determines how it holds moisture and for how long. However, all this is a bit difficult for most homeowners to determine, and that’s why you need our expert advice.

Why You Should Get to Know Us

Elite Landscape Concepts is a well-established landscape installation and maintenance company in West Palm Beach. We have installed many successful projects and irrigations systems on residential, HOA, retail shopping centers, assisted living properties, and more, and are known throughout Florida and the Bahamas for our high-quality craftsmanship and the best plants available.

Our commitment to keeping your landscape properly watered is one of our highest priority, and as such, we never take any shortcuts on materials, labor, plants, fertilizer, or mulch in our work. It is this drive for perfection that draws hundreds of customers to our business for all their landscaping needs.

Why You Should Get to Know UsAdditionally, our irrigation and watering systems add functionality and value to your property. We specialize in installing, maintaining, and watering landscapes at a fair price, and many consider our work to be at the top of the industry throughout all of Florida. Let us do the work, and your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood wherever you live in Florida.

One of the elements of our business that makes us so special is that we maintain constant contact with our customers and listen carefully to their needs and wants. Our team follows up on the completed work and makes any changes you deem necessary. We guarantee your satisfaction with all our services and know that our dedicated staff can find unique solutions for any property we landscape, and yours will be no exception.

Whether you want flowers, trees, shrubs, hedges, or a watering system, we do it all with care just like it is our own home. Call us for your residential or commercial needs at 561-201-9089.