Modern Florida flora consists of native plants and other domestic and international plants. Native trees, flowers, shrubs, grasses, and groundcovers have the best chance of living and thriving in all areas of Florida. Those from other states and countries with a similar climate to Florida will also do well if they are properly installed and maintained. Let’s take a closer look at installing beautiful and long-lasting landscapes.

The first concept to keep in mind is to put the right plants for your part of Florida in the right place. Whether you want trees, flowers, and shrubs, old standbys or modern flora, they must be installed in ideal growing conditions and well-maintained in all landscapes. Other principles to follow include:

  • Consider vegetation that is already there. Will current plants be affected by new ones?
  • Make sure the placement of larger plants won’t block the sun from smaller ones.
  • Determine the correct spacing between vegetation.
  • Allow plants to establish strong root systems.
  • Use vegetation that can resist insects and diseases.
  • Choose plants that can be easily maintained.

Our team of landscape installation experts uses these concepts when installing a new landscape to save you money in the long run. You will also experience a beautiful and thriving group of plants that will be the envy of your neighborhood. For the best results, take the time to plan and design your project with professionals that know what works and what does not in Florida.

Enduring Landscapes Need a Professional Touch

Installing and maintaining a jaw-dropping landscape is not as simple as it appears. The pros use the ideas already presented in this blog, and also incorporate these additional practices:Valencia Palms POA

  • The right tools, equipment, and resources
  • Knowledge and expertise gained from training
  • The best and brightest plants and vegetation
  • Removal of damaged or infected plants
  • Hardscape work when needed
  • Pond and waterfall installation

To achieve your goals, ask around and find a full-service landscape construction, installation, and maintenance company. They will do the best job, whether yours is a residential or commercial project. It’s also preferable to find a company where the owners are directly involved in every stage of the work to maintain a high level of quality and perfection that you expect from the pros. You simply can’t go wrong with a company that is committed to doing the best for their clients.

Who Can Benefit from Professional Installation Services?

Homeowners are not the only ones who can benefit from professional landscape installation services. Many businesses and other professional services can enhance their properties as well, including:

  • Home Owners Associations (HOAs)
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Building Contractors
  • Waterfront Property Owners
  • Luxury Property Owners

Other businesses, such as malls, shopping centers, hospitals, city parks, government facilities, apartment or condo complexes, and state parks can also benefit from adding a beautiful and well-maintained landscaping project. Florida flower gardens can be installed to enhance any property year-round because of the state’s agreeable climate!

What an Improved Landscaping Project Can Do For You

Both homeowners and businesses can benefit from installing new landscaping or improving existing landscapes. The Florida Growers and Landscape Association reveal these interesting facts:

  • Resale value can increase by as much as 14%.
  • Patio landscaping can raise property value by up to 12.4%.
  • Properties tend to sell faster with professional landscaping.
  • Landscaped curbs and hedges can add up to 4% to a property’s value.

Here are some reasons why you should hire professionals for the work:

Residential:  You will enjoy the beauty and tranquility of a lovely yard with new vegetation, such as trees, shrubs, flowers, and groundcover. Improving your property prior to putting it up for sale adds aesthetic appeal and increases its market price. Additionally,  it may make it easier to obtain refinancing because the lender will recognize the added value.

Commercial: Any organization adds value to its business operations with quality landscaping, including:

  • Employees will love the new look and stress-reducing qualities of plants.
  • More people will notice your business and grounds more often.
  • A jaw-dropping landscape project can attract new clients and business.
  • Owners can take pride in enhancing their properties in such a natural way.
  • The property will demand a higher selling price when it’s time to sell.

Two additional little known facts about trees and other plants that impact both residential and commercial properties are that they improve air quality and reduce noise pollution by absorbing it.

Once you consider the items on these lists, we think you will realize the value of a professionally installed and maintained landscape. The return on investment (ROI) for both aesthetic and economic reasons makes the cost worthwhile.

Call us today at 561-202-9919 if you have questions or are ready to begin your residential or commercial landscaping projects. Our team works in multiple areas, and we always practice everything you’ve read in this blog and guarantee your complete satisfaction.