Your flower garden needs long-blooming plants for you to enjoy it all year long. Your best bet is to use perennials that are well known for tolerating the heat, humidity, and soil in South Florida. For starters, here are some favorite flowers that produce beautiful colors.

  • Crossandra
  • Curcuma
  • Gerbera
  • Pintas (below)
  • Vinca

You may be interested in knowing more about these five plants.

  • Crossandras add different colors to your garden, an extended bloom season, and a longer lifespan than many. They attract butterflies and grow well on their own.
  • Curcuma is an exotic plant with lush leaves and tulip-like purple, pink, or white flowers. They grow better in afternoon shade rather than in the sun all day.
  • Gerbera Daisies, also called Garvineas, bloom all year long and attract butterflies and bees. They bloom in orange, pink, purple, red, yellow, and white.
  • Pintas are beautiful flowers that are easy to care for and attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Chose among shades of pink, red, and white for your garden.
  • Vincas are easy to maintain, drought-tolerant, and flower almost all year. Enjoy upright and trailing varieties in lavender, pink, purple, red, and white blooms.

If these are not your favorites, there are other Florida native flowers you may like.

Try These Shrubs and Hedges for Variety

Many shrubs grow well in Florida, and we won’t attempt to list them all here. Some are flowering, while others make wonderful hedges and accent plants. Shrubs and hedges typically retain one color all year, and many bloom in either spring, summer, or fall. Talk to our specialists about the options for your particular part of the state. Some popular ones include:Try These Shrubs and Hedges for Variety

  • Allamanda – Exquisite butter-yellow flowers with glossy deep green foliage.
  • Drift Rose – These roses are red and pink, hardy, single or double flowers, and aromatic.
  • Firebush – Firebush has red to deep orange flowers that prefer full to partial sun year-round.
  • Oleander – Gives pastel pink blossoms that can blanket the entire shrub (at left.)
  • Podocarpus – An evergreen whose foliage is deep green and blue-green in the shade. This plant doubles as a hedge when shaped.
  • Snowbush – Its new growth is darker pink on maroon stems. The color fades to a mix of pastel pink, gray-green, and white.
  • Thryaillis – This is a fragrant plant with light green leaves and yellow flowers.

To save time and energy, plant slow or moderate growers to take advantage of the long growing season. A favorite idea for South Florida landscape installation is to use dwarf shrubs that grow slowly and generally, stay less than 3’ high when mature. They are also a pleasure because they are low-maintenance vegetation.

If you want constant color year-round, use combinations of shrubs that bloom and shrubs with colorful leaves. Add pretty foliage plants to help out when shrubs are between bloom cycles. You can create a virtual rainbow of colors that are pleasing during the wintertime.

Flowering Trees That Work Well in South Florida

If you want to add exciting color to your landscape, introduce flowering trees in small and large sizes. They can also provide shade, variety, and a place for birds to stop for a visit. Smaller ones are used as full trees in small yards, or accents on larger properties.

Smaller varieties can highlight your lawn with blossoms on and off all year, yet leave gorgeous greenery in the off-season. The short winters in South Florida mean your trees produce longer and provide heavenly colors for more pleasure. The size of your trees should complement your house and landscape.

Flowering Trees That Work Well in South Florida

For those of you who live in larger houses on larger yards, you can plant sizable trees. If you live in a cottage, mobile home, or doublewide, go for smaller varieties that reach no more than 20’-22’ in height. You always have the option of pruning back a major-size tree to a comfortable shape and height. Make sure you keep in mind the potential width of the limbs and foliage. Now, let’s look at some specific flowering trees for your yard.

Small Flowering Trees

  • Crape Myrtle
  • Bottlebrush
  • Golden Dewdrop
  • Magnolia – Little Gem
  • Powderpuff

Large Flowering Trees

  • Jacaranda, Hong Kong OrchidFlowering Trees That Work Well in South Florida
  • Peltophrum, Royal Poinciana
  • Floss Silk, Tabebuia
  • Yland Ylang, Magnolia

Consult with our team of specialists for a more complete list of flowers, shrubs, hedges, and trees for your landscaping project. Don’t forget trees for shade, fruit, and accenting your yard. We can start from scratch or modify your existing property’s foliage. We provide advice, installation, and maintenance all year round.

You can expect the highest quality plants and professional installation of your landscaping project from us. We will maintain it year-round or leave some of it for you to do. Let us know your needs, including watering systems, pathways, lighting, and groundcovers.