One of the best ways to add style and substance to your landscaping is with creative lighting. You may have one of the most beautifully landscaped properties in the neighborhood, but it can always be enhanced. These ideas are some of the favorite lighting tips in South Florida:

  • Lights along the driveway and walkway to show off lovely flowers
  • Fantastic canopy lights on your back deck, patio, or pool
  • Security lights on the driveway powered by a motion detector
  • Color lighting for the porch, garage, or garden
  • Low-voltage lighting for safety and cost-effectiveness

Whether you want to boost the curb appeal of your home for your own pleasure, or you plan to sell your house, lighting key architectural features, trees, or plants is always a great addition to any yard. While some lighting works for the daylight hours in dark spaces, most people want to illuminate their landscaping in the evening hours. Our team of professional landscape installation experts knows the right spots, types, and colors of lighting to make your property look spectacular. In addition to aesthetic appeal, you will be increasing the value of your home and property.

What Lighting Will Do for You That Really Counts

Improve Your Landscape Design and Installation with Lighting

Great looking outdoor lighting expands your home’s living space from the inside to the outside. One of the well-accepted trends today is adding patios, kitchens, and sitting areas out back for cooking, dining, and entertainment. You need a well-lit area to do all this, and our team knows how to make your space more attractive and functional. You can stay outside longer and enjoy the wonders of nature as you visit with family, friends, and guests.

Whether you use a canopy, extended roof, pergola, or pavilion, outdoor lighting will show off your plants and yard as you spend time outdoors. You can elect to have timers set to display parts of your yard as the evening hours pass or add an app to control them from a smartphone. Either way, controlling the areas you want to be illuminated is easy.

Today’s technology allows you to quickly change the lighting without a lot of manual switching and moving around. You can even control specific areas or single lights for greater effect.  Additionally, you can use your smartphone to change colors to create or highlight party or dinner themes. Outdoor lighting is also great for holiday events and gatherings because you can customize it in ways never before possible. TIP: Consider using LED lighting to save energy and money.

Add plenty of lighting to your property to provide more security and safety. This is a practical recommendation because burglaries occur much too often. However, thieves don’t want anyone to see them and will move down the street to a darker and more secluded home and yard. Lighting adds another layer of protection and security to complement a burglar alarm.

The elderly and guests also benefit from well-lit lawns, driveways, and walkways as extra lighting reduces trips and falls when they can see where they are going at your home. Turning your car around in the driveway is also easier when the area is well lit. Thousands of people enjoy the benefits of adequate landscape lighting, and you can too.

Place Lighting to Highlight Your Flowers, Shrubs, and Groundcovers

Place Lighting to Highlight Your Flowers, Shrubs, and GroundcoversLighting flowers, shrubs, and groundcover requires more than just solar garden lights. This task is best left to landscape installation pros because flower and shrub beds have unique needs. Special outdoor fixtures and wiring are required to show off flowers and provide safety. These soft lights need to shine downward away from the eyes to highlight the beauty of the plants, and provide light to pathways, terraces, steps, or other areas.

Most property owners go for a string of lights on some areas and individual flower, tree, or shrub lights in other places. Strings work well for low lying plants and long narrow layouts. Mount at least a few of them on spikes so you can move them as various flowers bloom.

When creating your landscape design, we may want to add some floodlights and accent lights to point out unique or especially beautiful flowers. Why not design a special touch, pattern, or three-dimensional effect? Our experience provides options for lighting in your yard; that you may not have considered before. TIP: Use a flexible layout when you have a variety of plants that bloom at different times of the year.

Where to Find Affordable Installers

Elite Landscape Concepts will work with you to create the ideal lighting for your property at affordable prices. Our owners and crew pay close attention to detail and create your project as if it were our own. We follow through with the highest quality lighting and craftsmanship. Call us today at 561-202-9919 for a free consultation.