Three elements of an ideal garden landscape that many people overlook are lighting, edging, and surround timbers.  Each provides benefits that brighten, enhance, or add to the overall ambiance of a property. You can easily have these components installed at the time of planting your original landscape. However, if you are already past this point, our team can add lighting, edging, and timbers to coordinate with your current installation.

Enjoy These Lighting Ideas Year-Round to Brighten Your Property

You can use lighting to advantage for driveways, walkways, gardens, gazebos, patios, pools, and entrance areas. Well-placed lights provide these benefits for your home:Enjoy These Lighting Ideas Year-Round to Brighten Your Property

  • Beauty
  • Curb Appeal
  • Safety
  • Property Value
  • Display Plants

Optimal lighting that includes these purposes begins with a well-designed landscape plan. Our specialists will start by doing a walkthrough of your property; then they will design the layout, and buy the right components. We want to make sure we have a picture of how you envision your space. Your layout will include the essential elements of:

  • Selecting the areas and objects you want lighted to provide maximum coverage.
  • Choosing lighting techniques, fixtures, and accessories that highlight your yard.
  • Buying the right power supply, wiring, and correct bulbs.

Trying to do all of the above by yourself is a challenge because much of it is trial and error. We eliminate the time you would spend going back to the stores multiple times and the labor involved in setting up the entire system.

When you decide to design the perfect landscape lighting system for your yard, we will help select the landscape lighting techniques that best fit your property layout. Some common ones include:

  • Accenting – Focusing intense lighting to accentuate specific plants or areas.
  • Shadowing – Lighting from the front and below to create interesting shadows.
  • Silhouetting – Placing lights behind and below plants to silhouette them against the sky at dusk.
  • Downlighting – Using lighting in trees or on the house to create a broad area illumination.
  • UpLighting – Shining up to create a dramatic effect with lights on or in the ground.

We will help you add enough, but not too much, lighting, the correct mixture of techniques, and timers to turn them on and off at times you choose.

Use Trendy Edging to Accent Your Landscape

Edging is used to highlight areas, define borders, dress up your landscape, and provide curb appeal to your lawn and flower gardens. There are many ways to do this; let’s concentrate on a few.Use Trendy Edging to Accent Your Landscape

Smooth Poured Concrete – This favorite edging is poured into a form or mold in short to long pieces.

This is a permanent style that is smoothed on the surface to provide a finished look. It can be painted or stained in a variety of colors to coordinate with your plants.

Bricks – You can lay bricks and pavers in many ways to form borders around your plants, including laying them flat, standing them on edge, or a combination of the two. Additionally, you can place them on top of the ground or part-way below the surface. It’s easy to make straight, oval, circular, or unique designs with bricks and pavers. Using weed barriers under them, and cementing between them can be helpful, but is always optional.

Stone – Stones add a rustic or cottage charm to your edging project. They are available in many shapes, sizes, and colors.

To prevent grass and weeds from growing between them, lay down a heavy weed barrier before placing the stones. Cementing between them is optional.

Metal – Metal landscaping material is bendable, which allows you to create shapes of your choosing such as curved, zigzag, rectangular, oval, or panels. Select metal that will stand up to moisture and has a safety edge on the top. This style can be painted a wide array of colors to accent your plants.

Wood Timbers Add a Natural Touch

An old standby for edging is using wood timbers, especially for areas in the backyard. By staining or painting them, you can use them in any part of your landscape project to display your plants. They are easy to install, cost-effective, and natural-looking for annuals, perennials, or any other type of plants.Wood Timbers Add a Natural Touch

Wood timbers need flat ground for easy installation because they come in straight-line boards. The corner joints can be end-butted or mitered to suit your preferences. Pressure-treated timbers are available in four common shapes:

  • All edges are squared
  • Two flat sides and two rounded sides
  • Rounded edges all around
  • Squared bottoms and rounded top

Elite Landscape Concepts will assist you with choosing lighting, edging, and timbers that look great in your yard, neighborhood, or HOA. We also provide landscape construction, installation, and maintenance for commercial properties. Don’t overlook the advantages of using our professional services to beautify and enhance your overall property. Our work is a labor of love and comes with a warranty of satisfaction.