Professional Irrigation Services Keep Delray Beach Lawns and Gardens Thriving

We should never take water for granted, whether for home or commercial use. However, most people are concerned about these areas related to water, their flower beds, and lawns:

  • Droughts and plant damage
  • Overwatering the property
  • High water bills
  • Watering restrictions

Experienced landscaping companies provide information and services to adequately handle all these concerns, so you don’t need to worry about them. Keep reading for details on exactly how we do this.Professional Irrigation Services Keep Delray Beach Lawns and Gardens Thriving

Droughts and Plant Damage

Many Delray Beach residents may worry about the dry season and droughts that can damage their plants. If you’re not sure how to adjust your watering schedule, volume, or need ideas about what else to do about the lack of rain, we are here to help.  Seasonal changes must be made to your irrigation system to keep your flowers, shrubs, and trees healthy and thriving. Our team understands the plant needs in your area and will make any necessary changes.

Overwatering the Property

The opposite concern many people have is overwatering during the dry or rainy season. Too much water is a waste of money and can saturate plants’ roots to the point of causing rot and fungus. Overwatering also promotes weed growth and spread and attracts unwanted insects and pests.

High Water Bills

High Water BillsIf you live in a high-water rate district, this is a concern for residents with large yards, HOAs, and Assisted Living Centers. Overwatering is unnecessary and costly, and improperly installed and maintained irrigation systems waste water. Leaks, cracks, and loose fittings also contribute to water waste.

Our team never takes shortcuts on materials and labor when installing and maintaining a watering system. Unscrupulous or fly-by-night companies may take your money and never finish the job or use inferior materials that won’t last. These poor-quality lines and sprinkler heads wear out much quicker than our superior products.

Watering Restrictions

Your city, county, or Home Owners Association (HOA) may enforce watering restrictions on your property. A typical rule is ‘do not turn on your sprinklers between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm.’ This makes sense and is good practice because during this time, some of the water will evaporate in the hot sun and droplets left on the grass blades may burn them.

When a drought occurs, your water company may restrict the use of water for lawns, outdoor water features, or washing cars. If this happens, your plants may suffer unless your watering system is adjusted to compensate. Our team of experts has dealt with how the lack of rain affects irrigations systems for two decades. You can rely on us the make the necessary adjustments to protect your plants.

Why Conserving Water Is Vital to Your Property and the Water Source

Why Conserving Water Is Vital to Your Property and the Water SourceGood, clean water is becoming increasingly scarce around the world, and even in some places in the U.S. It’s in everyone’s best interest if you and I learn to conserve water year-round. When we don’t follow the watering guidelines in our towns or HOAs, we may be contributing to the scarcity of water that is needed for essential services. You can hurt other people’s watering rights and plants by wasting too much water.

Water connects the economy, environment, and quality of life in South Florida, and a lack of it strains natural resources, can disrupt our daily lives, and stifles economic growth. Additionally, the state is experiencing a population increase that is putting further strain on the water supply. By 2025 Florida’s population is projected to grow from 18 million to 24 million, and this translates into a 22% increase in water demand in the area.

How to Save Money on Your Irrigation System

Save money on an irrigation system installation, maintenance, and water usage by letting our specialists at Elite Landscape Concepts do the work for you. Here’s how it works:

  • We create a watering “map” to strategically layout all water lines, sprinklers, and water features such as a waterfall, ponds, and waterways/creeks.
  • We use the most advanced, water-saving sprinklers and electronics to save water.
  • We will inform you of how the system works and how we save you money.
  • All work is guaranteed to be effective for your flower beds, trees, shrubs, and lawn.
  • The materials we use have a long-life that reduces replacement costs over the years.

We will inform you of your District’s year-round irrigation water conservation measures and any local ordinances to ensure you are complying with them. These departments expect you to water your property based on actual needs instead of guessing at them. Go here to see how much water you use and how much you can save.

Don’t hesitate to go online to complete our “Send Us a Message” or call 561-202- 9919 today for more information and to arrange a free onsite consultation. We will treat your landscape like it is our own.